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A Realistic YA Story of Survival

Hope for Garbage - Alex Tully

Trevor McNulty is a seventeen-year-old living with an alcoholic uncle and barely getting by when he meets rich girl Bea, who is pretty, edgy, and just the shining beacon of hope he needs in a life reduced to picking through garbage for survival.


Unfortunately, Bea comes with her own family baggage which, when added to Trevor's woes, prove nearly overwhelming. Can his habit of turning trash into treasure be translated as neatly into relationships and life itself?


At first readers might believe Hope for Garbage to be a predictable story of survival; but it's much more. Within the saga of Trevor's uncertain world and the forces that control and dictate it, is a story of boundaries, rules, dreams, and how the human spirit survives under the direst of conditions.


Trevor has been handed a lot of despair, and even the hope he cultivates for something good turns to an exploration of two very different worlds and their unexpected similarities. As Trevor matures and considers his options, readers are right there with him; and by the time he hits the wall, Alex Tully's detail-oriented focus has immersed the viewer in Trevor's world to the point that his actions, choices, and challenges become personal for readers, as well.


Tully's ability to thoroughly analyze Trevor's reactions and actions invite readers into not just an observational role, but an affection for a teen's struggles.

Tully's ability to build many questions and no easy answers means that Trevor's life and times prove especially realistic, eschewing the possibility of predictability and venturing into the realm of uncertain results. Readers of young adult fiction will find much to relate to as Trevor navigates his life, trying to keep secrets, maintain a positive perspective, and build something different than what he's been raised with.