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A Child's Loss, a Father's Perspective, Mystery and More

Beneath The Greater Sky - Andrew Voelker

Beneath The Greater Sky provides a gripping, intriguing story on more than one level not because its protagonist has lost a child, but because all events are told from a would-be father's perspective, and because they move neatly from personal tragedy to more challenging experiences.


It's one thing for a man to face the death of his unborn child and the dissolution of his marriage and decide to undertake a journey as a kind of memorial to what was and what could have been. It's another to turn that journey itself into an unexpected saga not just of loss, divorce, and recovery; but of the uncertain world of frontier justice and another loss that he is accused of bringing about.


As Ryan's world changes from a Chicago suburb to Wyoming, readers will quickly come to realize it poses not just a novel of personal experience but a mystery, as well; all fueled by powerful character development that is just one of the hallmarks that make Beneath The Greater Sky a superior read.


Because Ryan's thoughts and emotions are at the forefront of the story, readers will find it easy to enter, quick to read, and thoroughly engrossing. Because different and unexpected elements are added to the tale of mourning and survival, the account adopts a three-dimensional quality that is satisfying and effective. And because it includes many of the elements of danger and action that thrillers utilize to best advantage, it's a well-rounded and powerful creation designed to appeal not just to men or women attracted to stories of recovery, but to a broader audience looking for a good, solid blend of mystery, adventure, a dash of romance, and much self-discovery.