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Dystopian, Spiritual Fantasy for Middle School and Older!

The Boy Who Walked A Way - Nancy Janes

The Boy Who Walked A Way is set in 2162, where violence has left a young boy alone and embroiled in a war. His life is about to be changed, however, by an invisible benefactor who offers him a path away from the violence and adversity that dominate his world - and so Jal embarks on a journey that leads him to new experiences, new friendships, and a sense of salvation in a world gone mad.


The notion of a peaceful kingdom existing amid the confusion and chaos of war is not a new one. What is refreshingly different in The Boy Who Walked A Way is the emergence of a gentle fantasy that begins with the trappings of a war-encrusted science fiction read but quickly develops into much more.


As Jal finds a way out of his crazed life, his journey of self-discovery involves a spiritual quest as well, offering young adult readers the vision and promise of a peaceful world even if one's surroundings are otherwise.


Under Janes' hand, daily encounters include new lessons on life within a lyrical, inspirational account that blends an allegory with humor and a host of characters, different perspectives, and some unexpected twists.


In one sense The Boy Who Walked A Way attempts quite a few messages and approaches, which may prove challenging to linear readers unused to underlying messages and spiritual concepts embedded into a fantasy setting. It all succeeds well, and ultimately reveals God's ability to protect and change not just Jal's life, but the wider world. Middle school readers and up will appreciate the quest, Jal's struggles, and ultimately, a lyrical sense of purpose in life.