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Two Young Adult Cousins Find Their Way

Heaven Has No Regrets - Tessa Shaffer

Heaven Has No Regrets features young adult protagonists and a story line that revolves around two cousins who struggle to survive their world; but this doesn't mean it's a simple story. Mature teens will not only find the subject emotionally gripping, but it's told from three alternating viewpoints (Faith, Makenzie, and the Narrator) whose stories entwine to create a bigger picture than any single perspective could have provided.


It's easy to initially believe that the story line follows a predictable path as a series of flashbacks build tension, direction, and protagonists - but in fact one of the pleasures of Heaven Has No Regrets is that it's an unexpected destination indeed; with no neat, logical conclusion that can be easily seen from the start.


Perhaps the narrative is so compelling because it's based on a true story; or maybe it's because of changing viewpoints (which might test some teen readers, but ultimately provides more depth than one might expect). No simple leisure choice, Heaven Has No Regrets is ultimately revealing, complex, and recommended for young adults unafraid to tackle challenging themes. And though it's a special recommendation for young adults, adult audiences of all ages will find much to relish in this intriguing saga.