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A Novel of Life, Death, and Everything Inbetween

Grayland - Maddie DeLange

Grayland opens with a bang as Marina encounters the dead figure of Rachel in a dreamscape where Marina longs to join her. But Rachel committed suicide, and Marina is left seeking closure, acceptance, or something more.


This 'something else' is what Grayland is all about, moving readers from Marina's process of mourning and grief to living life again in a horrible autumn that seems endless. 


Family and friends, beach fires and work, and the ethereal presence of the mysterious gray man always on the edge of Marina's mind wind a slow, lazy smoke trail that only strengthens as chapters explore events of past and present and the threat of a transformation that is taking over Marina's life.


Grayland 's story line moves deftly through family relationships, interactions, and a growing threat that interferes with carefully-built relationships in Marina's life. As the mysterious gray man becomes a more powerful force in her life, Marina faces many choices - and can't confide in anyone about any of them.


As a beach discovery takes over her life, readers are drawn into the compelling saga of Marina's struggles for survival. The story moves full circle through beach, life, family and friends and leads to a place that opens and closes with Rachel and an event that knocked Marina off her feet and threatened her perceptions of the world. What is the force that ties them together, and what does the gray man have to do with it? 


Grayland is about life, death, and everything between the two, and is a gently-moving saga of love, dreams, manipulation, and struggle that will enchant novel readers looking for a powerful saga of recovery.