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A Memoir of Men and the Impact of Cancer

Everything and a Happy Ending - Tia Shurina

Tia Shurina had three special men in her life: very different individuals who each provided her with something unusual, and who contributed to her evolution during one year that combined elements of heaven and hell after Shurina struggled with a possible cancer diagnosis and its impact on her life, relationships, and perspective.


It's also about American culture, the risks and challenges of the healthcare system, family relationships and the spirituality of children, pregnancy and work, shifting energies and values, quests for interpersonal connections, and reaching out to life publicly and privately.


The unifying factors to Shurina's memoir are that it's wide-ranging and logical, relationship-driven, and indicative of the backwards and forwards flows of life itself.


Readers who harbor a prior affection for autobiography fueled by interpersonal interactions, romance, and angst alike will appreciate this multi-faceted account of one woman's wild ride through a changing life. Such an audience will find Everything and a Happy Ending a rollicking ride indeed, filled with the ups, downs, and changes indicative of a life well lived.