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A Blend of Mystery, Romance, and the Supernatural

Werewolf Nights - Mari Hamill

Catherine is a widowed bakery owner left with grief and business concerns, but her life's about to get a lot more complicated when her leisure passion for werewolf lore begins to threaten her life by becoming reality, and when she decides to try her hand at acting - in her ripe, inexperienced thirties.


There would seem to be no room for romance in her life, even though it's lacking - but when Catherine falls for her sexy co-star, things get even more complicated and events force her to examine whether the werewolf legends could be real.


Despite the complicated-sounding circumstances surrounding Catherine's life, readers should expect a light leisure read here: a plot embracing mystery, supernatural forces, romance, and entertainment alike. A prior interest in these devices and genres will attract the right kind of reader who enjoys genre-crossing productions that foregoe complex psychological drama in favor of plain adventure and intrigue.


It's hard to present 'something for everyone' - usually an author falls short on romance, mystery, or supernatural elements - but the pleasure of a light summer read such as Werewolf Nights is that it's easy on the eye and mind - and perfect for a beach take-along or a quick, engrossing leisure pursuit.


There's a premise establishing uncertain, tense historic relationships between werewolves and humans, there's a passionate protagonist who is willing to take risks even in her thirties, there's the special challenge of falling in love with someone who is in the midst of changing.


Readers who expect a complex, introspective plot should know this won't be the case from the fun cover presenting a nymph at the stove with a werewolf looming in back of her. With its light tone, absorbing action, and a protagonist who is satisfyingly straightforward, Werewolf Nights succeeds in providing what many leisure readers desire with an entertaining story that's perfect for a hot summer's vacation night of engrossing reading.