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Wide Mouth Frog's Big Birthday - Jerry Barrett, Jerry Barrett

Wide Mouth Frog's Big Birthday is written and illustrated by Jerry Barrett and adds to the other 'Wide Mouth Frog' titles in the series; but stands well alone for newcomers, as well.


Here Wide Mouth Frog is throwing a big 5th birthday party for himself, and he invites all his animal friends to come help him celebrate, issuing whimsical invitations and arranging games.


Mother Frog's only stipulation is that Wide Mouth Frog and his friends stay on their side of the pond - but the inevitable happens amidst the fun, and danger is encountered. Can Wide Mouth Frog come up with a creative solution before he or his friends become someone's dinner?


The fanciful story is packed with colorful illustrations and fun easy adventure reading that animal-loving kids will appreciate, while the creative problem-solving portion is well done and appealing.