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A Teen Dystopian Tale of the Future

The Victor's Heritage - Anthony Caplan

The Victor's Heritage is Book Two of 'The Jonah Trilogy' and rests upon the spunky personality of teen Corrag, who is on track to receive the Augment brain implant that will connect her to the Cloud and thus to the knowledge base of the world.


But this goal about to be derailed, thanks to her association with a boy who is a veteran of war - and who offers quite a different perspective of their world than the one she's been raised with.


In 2045, the U.S. is divided into two very different countries. Within these nations lie the seeds of two competing political and social ideologies (much as is happening today). And when one special person 'crosses the border' between worlds and faces isolation, abandonment, and trials, this makes for a powerful read, indeed.


The Victor's Heritage, being part of a trilogy, enhances the setting provided in Book One, Savior; but while readers ideally should read the first, such is not a requirement to arrive late on the scene with its sequel. Through the vision and perceptions of Corrag, this world springs immediately to life with all its potentials for love, change, and devastation.


The Victor's Heritage is especially recommended for mature teens to young adults - particularly for those inclined to enjoy dystopian stories of the future, who will appreciate a vivid turn of events as Corrag's initial acceptance of her future turns into questions with terrible answers. The connections between family and friends are especially well drawn and lend an immediacy and excitement to the plot, which is powered by and packed with emotional revelations and swift action.