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A Magic-Infused Fantasy Teens Will Love!

SouthWyck - Christina Waymreen

SouthWyck, book one of a four part series called The Villages Of Wyck, is a delightful teen fantasy read and is set in a magical town where Kar Homely eagerly awaits the biggest day of his life: the day when he will dip his finger into a magic urn and discover what his magical ability will be. 


There seem to be a number of barriers to this event for him, however, including the secret his parents have kept of his true birth origins, the efforts of bullies to thwart his dreams, and a stunning upset in the process which leads him on quite a different journey than has been the routine for years in the magic-infused town of SouthWyck, where everyone has a special ability. 


The first thing to note about SouthWyck is Christina Waymreen's ability to infuse her story with the sights, sounds, and psyche of the entire town. From mouth-watering descriptions of foods to hair-raising and believable confrontations with town bullies to the emergence of a truth that affects not just Kar's life, but the accepted routines and ultimate existence of the entire town, action is swift and changing. 


Characters are well portrayed and believable, events are only slightly predictable (that Kar's special day will take an unexpected turn) yet still engrossing, and the twists and turns presented from the point of Kar's disastrous coming of age to a journey that confronts a growing evil makes for engrossing read that teens will find hard to put down. 


An interest in magic-infused fantasy is required for appreciation of the story. Teens with such interests will find much to like in the evolving character of Kar and his exploits, and will enjoy a story that's perfectly tailored for ages 12-14 - a refreshing approach, given that so many teen fantasies, in trying to reach into adult circles, make their plots too complex for the very age group they seek to include.