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A Riveting Saga of Romantic Intrigue

Harm's Way - Bobbi Cole Meyer

Imagine a strong female investigator who specializes in finding people in hiding. Imagine being hired by a sexy motorcycle dude who searches for a missing woman and her child - and who is willing to pay dearly for the truth. Wouldn't you be suspicious? Wouldn't you sense that perhaps something else was going on - something that could point to a dangerous stalker? And what if you fell in love with such a client?


These are just some of the themes blazing through Harm's Way, a romance novel centering around a powerful man named Harm and a feisty, love-resistant female investigator who can't just take his money and run with the job.


From the beginning, the sense of both attraction and uncertainty between the two is powerful.  Each harbors suspicions about the other and each tempers their initial instinctive attraction with a sense of self-preservation that keeps them at arms' distance - for a while.


As events unfold and McKay finds herself drawn into her client's complex personal life, professional and personal barriers on both sides break down and the anticipated romance blossoms in the face of revelations that will change both their lives.


On the face of it, Harm's Way is romance with a healthy dose of intrigue; but look beneath its surface of simmering, evolving passion and you'll also uncover a detective story that is an equally powerful force, driving events into satisfyingly unpredictable avenues.


From its sultry cover announcing that this adds to a 'Men of Passion' series to its duality in focusing on the very different perspectives of two individuals, Harm's Way takes the devices of romance and intrigue a step further by marrying the best elements of both genres into a hard-hitting (and, yes, steamy) romance that neatly switches between both protagonists' perspectives to create a satisfying build-up of tension: "Harm felt his heart rate increase, too. His thoughts raced toward the inevitable. This beautiful room and that enormous, welcoming bed filled his mind with visions of how it would be between them when there was nothing between them but lustful passion. Nothing keeping them apart."


Romance genre readers should be aware that the investigative part of the story is just as enthralling and immediate as the blossoming romance, and will thus find Harm's Way a more complex standout than the usual casual story of erotic and emotional connections.