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Concrete Ideas for Eating Disorder Treatment

Binge Crazy: A Psychotherapist's Memoir of Food Addiction, Mental Illness, Obesity and Recovery - Natalie Gold

From its captivating and unusual cover depicting delicious foods (from doughnuts to pizza) dangling on meat hooks to its unusual vantage point (from a psychotherapist's chair), it's evident that Binge Crazy:  A Psychotherapist’s Memoir of Food Addiction, Mental Illness, Obesity and Recovery excels not in the usual survivor's perspective, but comes from a therapist's astute observations.


Crack the cover of Binge Crazy to discover that there is more than autobiography, here: and given that eating disorders are notoriously difficult to address and extremely tenacious, it's refreshing to see a set of insights about which approaches do and don't work in the treatment process.


Registered Psychotherapist Natalie Gold is no stranger to the experience, herself: she spent years struggling with binge eating and weaves her autobiography into the wider story of how she not only emerged victorious from a potentially fatal disorder, but created an effective recovery approach for others, as well.


By the time she was twenty-one she 'escaped' her life and self-destructive actions by entering a mental hospital. Decades later she's back to reveal her difficult path to recovery and outline the programs and routines that truly made a difference for her.


Binge Crazy is highly recommended for any who struggle with obesity or other eating disorders, and offers concrete ideas for addressing a problem that many similar books can only document. Its blend of autobiography and insights wraps all this in a cloak of personal experience that invites both binge eaters and their loved ones to read, relate, and understand the confusion surrounding losing weight, self-image, and family interactions.