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The Process of Monitoring and Surveying Amphibians in the Field!

Amphibian Survey and Monitoring Handbook - John W. Wilkinson

The Amphibian Survey and Monitoring Handbook packs in data and insights about programs for monitoring one of the most endangered groups of vertebrates on the planet, and is a key resource for any working with amphibians who want specific survey techniques and examples of their applications.


More than a contrast of approaches, the Handbook covers the basics, from planning a survey to gathering data, applying analytic techniques, and writing up the results, and it includes supportive materials specifically designed for fieldwork and survey projects. 


One surprise is the color photos peppered throughout, which provide images of both amphibians and surveyors at work. Another surprise is sidebars of information specific to successful results, from locating and handling amphibians to moving beyond survey reporting to apply field work results to GIS, taxonomic and other types of studies.


One might expect all this information would be quite technical and dense in nature, but the final surprise is that John W. Wilkinson requires little prior knowledge or experience of the reader and provides a wealth of technical information using simple, clear language and explanations backed by scientific processes.


No conservation, ecology, or amphibian science collection should be without this clear, accessible study.