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The Process of Accepting and Working With a Dog's Wild Nature

Embracing the Wild in Your Dog: An understanding of the authors of your dog's behavior - nature and the wolf - Bryan Bailey

Embracing the Wild in Your Dog: An Understanding Of The Authors Of Our Dog's Behavior - Nature And The Wolf considers the relationship between domestic dogs, wolves, and humans, and is a recommendation for any dog owner who seeks a discussion of the differences and similarities between dogs and their wolf brethren.


This isn't to say that Bailey claims that the wolf and the dog share the same characteristics: he's careful to point out where their heritage links and where it diverges, and also analyzes human influences on a dog's personality, traits and development. Coming from a canine trainer with more than enough experience in obedience, this means that Embracing the Wild in Your Dog isn't so much about control techniques as it is about understanding the wild nature of the domestic dog and how to redirect these natural tendencies to tailor aggression and change undesirable habits.


That said, the 'wolf' in a domestic dog isn't something to be dominated so much as something to be embraced: it's this process of acceptance and fine-tuning that leads a canine trainer to the type of control that syncs with a dog's nature, resulting in harmonious interactions for all involved.


This is not a 'dog training' book, however: readers who approach it as such may be disappointed. It's about understanding a dog's underlying psyche, its sources, and how to interact with the animal with this knowledge in mind; and the approaches use the author's experience growing up in the Alaskan wild and his encounters with wolves as the starting point for such an understanding.


Unique in its approach, filled with the author's insights ("…I changed how I handled Ranger and became a bit of a wolf myself in doing so."), and considering how leadership is established between species, Embracing the Wild in Your Dog is a delightful blend of memoir and insights into wild and domestic animal alike, and is highly recommended for canine owners who seek more animal psychology than the usual 'how to train your dog' book offers.