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Step-By-Step Marketing Management

Magnify: Focus on Key Customers, Deliver Value and Spark Your Profits - Elizabeth Kruger, Eddie Valez

Magnify: Focus on Key Customers, Deliver Value and Spark Your Profits provides business leaders with a precise analytical system and approach to serving customers and earning profits. Magnify is recommended not for casual business readers, but for those who seek concrete steps, facts, and strategies to transform their marketing plan.


This audience will discover that Magnify is a workbook; and this requires reader participation in an approach that involves making wise marketing decisions and planning actionable strategies.


SWOT Analysis is the tool offered to clarify a business mission, target a customer base, define a specialty, and use suppliers - but the process doesn't end here. This analytical tool examines the current business situation to understand how to change its competitive positioning by focusing on its strengths and mitigating its weaknesses.


Chapters provide a step-by-step guide to marketing management, from initial analysis to marketing decisions and proposed strategies. They leave nothing unexplained and assume no prior reader experience in using the 80/20 rule to predict and improve results. 


The workbook approach requires entrepreneurs to plug in their own perceptions, and this requires a good degree of higher-level thinking and insights. Examples peppering the workbook inspire readers to take action based on the premise "Delight key customers and the business will be delighted with its profits. Let's learn to predict how valuable key customers are and how threats delimit the target market of a business."


From defining the characteristics of key customers to targeting such customers with a direct marketing campaign and devising ways to appeal to prospects who share these desirable traits, Magnify does just that. The workbook takes smaller elements of business success and translates them to an actionable 'bigger picture'.


Add in business examples from a variety of companies that plug easily into this step-by-step guide and you have a winning tool that takes twelve key marketing decisions and incorporates them into a system any business can apply to its marketing plan. All that's required from the reader is a willingness to change.