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A Teen's Nose for Clues Saves the Day!

The Scent of Something Sneaky (An Emily Sanders Mystery) - Gail Hedrick

Teenager Emily is spending the summer working at an accident-prone inn, encountering a series of circumstances that seem too frequent to be coincidental. Like any good sleuth, Emily smells foul play - but when drugs are linked to the inn, her friends become involved to help her get to the bottom of a plot that reeks of purpose.


Familiarity with the prior book (Something Stinks) is not required for newcomers ages 9-14 to appreciate Emily's character and adventures. Teens will appreciate the scent-driven clues and impressions throughout, which begins with the alluring aroma of coffee and evolves into something that simply smells wrong.


The inn summer job sounded like fun, initially - but it's about to get a lot more challenging as Emily's investigations only uncover more puzzles.


Septic smells. Soaps and lotions. Pies and baking ingredients. Chlorine. Something burning. As Emily uses her sleuthing skills to uncover clues, so she uses her head (and nose) to get to the truth surrounding a series of inexplicable disasters - one which will immerse her in an effort that places everyone in danger.


Replete with swift action, delicious olfactory intrigue, and spy action that steps fearlessly into danger, The Scent of Something Sneaky is a top recommendation for pre-teens and teens looking for a leisure read that's action-packed and vivid.