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A Realistic, Vividly-Presented Historical Western!

Fire Canoe Finnegan - Denis J. Harrington, Charlie Steel

The title of the historical novel Fire Canoe Finnegan is compelling, offering an immediate mystery until readers learn (and many likely will recall) that 'fire canoe' was the Native American term for the paddle wheelers that plied the rivers of Missouri and beyond.


Clint Finnegan falls into the job of steering one of these massive boats by default, but his time aboard the river ship is brief as it is robbed and set adrift, sending him on an overland journey in search of the stolen money and a beautiful passenger whom he's encountered only very briefly.


Finnegan is a take-charge kind of guy: the perfect hero for a rough-and-tumble frontier world where Indians are in the process of banding together to thwart the 'Iron Horse' that threatens to cross the country and destroy their way of life, and where robbers with special interests traverse this dangerous, wild territory with apparent ease.


He's just the kind of guy to embark on a mission to retrieve the money and girl - and just the kind of person to persevere against all odds.


Fire Canoe Finnegan is an exquisite read on many levels: its dialogue is realistic, its history of the times and region is well-researched and vividly presented, and its action is well done. Any who relish Western themes and historical depth will appreciate the attention to detail that brings the era and setting of Fire Canoe Finnegan to life in a read that is a gripping standout in both Western or historical novel genres.