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Twins With Special Abilities Face Danger!

Transference - Angela McCubbins

Meet fifteen-year-old twins Liv and Oliver, who are facing the adventure of their lives in a first-person saga that opens with Liv worrying that "I’m afraid that my twin brother, Oliver, and I will be stuck in this place, sleeping on creaky cots, locked in a cell being guinea pigs for the rest of our lives." In two sentences, young adult readers of Transference are 'hooked': what has happened to the twins to lead them to this point? What has transpired are events that will change and challenge their lives, and they revolve around missing parents, a close-held family secret, and choices that will change them all forever.


It's quickly revealed that Oliver and Liv's special connection includes telepathy between them - and that this special ability is about to become much more dangerous as events unfold to reveal deeper, darker dangers. 


A cat-and-mouse series of encounters evolves where Oliver and Liv succeed in escaping dangers time and again, only to find themselves more deeply immersed in discovering the truth about their abilities and the threats surrounding them.


As it becomes evident that more than one side has been watching them all their lives, it also becomes obvious that a myriad of tangled special interests are intersecting, placing them in the middle of danger on several fronts. At numerous points the number of questions outweighs all options and answers and seemingly leads nowhere - but then the plot twists again, and a path emerges that will prove a satisfying surprise to even the most savvy teen sci-fi or thriller reader.


As the twins discover that their fate leads to new friends and enemies alike (and a larger purpose), they are left with a newfound determination to take charge of their lives and abilities in defiance of all special interests and against all odds.


Be forewarned: Transference provides no simple conclusion but leaves the door wide open in a cliff hanger that portends more exciting adventures. Teens from middle to high school grade levels will find it action-packed and thought-provoking, with solid characterization and intriguing mystery throughout.