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A Thriller of Abilities Tested Under Impossible Circumstances

The Last Chameleon - James North

When Caroline Dupré joined a secret government organization after the assassination of her husband, she never expected to be placed into an effort to stop a nuclear terrorist. She never expected to become an intelligence operative tasked with one of the biggest jobs in history. And she never anticipated being part of an international cat-and-mouse game affecting the lives of everyone on the planet.


But in The Last Chameleon, she's involved in such a fight, and her prior encounters with killers have only added to her expertise and made her a stronger operative. Her strength is about to be tested, in more ways than one.


On the face of it, The Last Chameleon is a thriller on par with James Patterson and other notable writers. The strength of characterization, the expansion of scenarios described in the prior Vanguard novel Deep Deception, and North's ability to provide a sequel which both stands on its own and builds a striking continuation of events makes for a story that is accessible to newcomers, vivid reading for prior fans, and filled with both political twists and turns and powerful psychological development.


The characters find their abilities tested under impossible, unpredictable circumstances, which will delight readers looking for not just nonstop action, but psychological insights. Protagonists even have room for a dash of romantic possibility (though this is in keeping with their overall involvements in trying to save their world, and is presented more as a possibility than a subplot).


The storyline is dynamic, with poor but generous people, helicopter desert rescue missions, and characters who hesitate to reveal their vulnerabilities until it's almost too late … The Last Chameleon is about changing, blending in, and transformations on many levels; but most of all, it's a super-charged thriller powered by one woman's struggles. This makes for a compelling read from start to finish: highly recommended for fans of high-octane thrillers who look for a strong psychological touch throughout, for added value reading.