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Concrete Exercises Rooted in the Latest Brain Research

Better with Age: The Ultimate Guide to Brain Training - Phyllis T. Strupp

As people live longer and as bodies continue to break down with age, quality of life becomes more important for present and future generations, especially with the specter of Alzheimer's becoming more and more prevalent. While there is no current prevention or cure for dementia, Better with Age offers some self-help approaches that can help strengthen the brain.

But first, a disclaimer: readers who expect to be spoon-fed routines might be disappointed to learn that, especially in this case, self-help emphasizes self. There is no path to transformation that doesn't take place without reader participation; no pat and easy answers; and many routines that require an active, ongoing participation in exercises and approaches that strengthen brain functions.

Those with a 'can-do' attitude who seek concrete ideas for such exercises will find Better with Age is firmly rooted in the latest brain research and takes the 'training' ideas of physical therapy into brain-strengthening areas. Readers should thus be prepared to invest a minimum of 15 minutes a day to following the program provided, and should have sufficient motivation and ability to follow directions and document results.

Chapters provide overviews of how the brain changes with age, how it develops different strengths at different ages, and how to 'rebalance' the brain's thought processes to improve short- and long-term memory and provide the positive conditioning that leads it to choose better paths.

With its discussions of psychology, physiology, and brain research, approaches to retraining are reinforced by concrete research and facts. The result is a practical, applicable handbook requiring neither reader familiarity with brain research and cognitive theory nor complex routines. All that's needed is a commitment to changing lifestyles just a little to make brain exercise as important as physical fitness. This audience will find Better with Age offers an approach that is concrete, actionable, and easy to follow.