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A Sci-Fi Piece on Humanity's Survival

Killing Juggernaut - Jared Bernard Bernard

While all sci-fi and thriller readers will appreciate Killing Juggernaut, Jared Bernard's focus on three individuals who separately (and differently) react to the scientific premise that ecological destruction will bring about the end of humanity will especially delight fans of apocalyptic and environmental works.


Written from the perspective of an astronomer's reaction to impending disaster, his journey to the desert and his diary of events make for a gripping story.


The title Killing Juggernaut may portend a military novel or a thriller but in fact the story line begins with a scientist's desperate mission to understand the events that have led to humanity's downfall, and it is enhanced by two very different individuals' experiences and perspectives about the path of humanity's rocky road to ruin.


The scientist protagonist strives to 'keep his writing simple' for whomever might discover his saga, and so his scientific explanations are tempered by observations that clearly explain his discipline and perceptions without jargon or confusing technical explanations.


The story is narrated from these different perspectives and includes news reports, personal feelings towards these events and outcomes ("It seems as if witchcraft has befallen our society."), insights on the Mission for Humanity project, and other struggles for survival which makes for a gripping saga that is precise and revealing in its approach.


Killing Juggernaut reveals the killing forces at work on levels ranging from personal and environmental to social and political as it documents the end of humanity's long journey. There's even room for love in such a scenario: a surprise touch for a story filled with angst and special interest insights on impending disaster.


Revealing, engrossing, and hard to put down, Killing Juggernaut is just the ticket for sci-fi readers who want a pointed observational piece on the survival (or demise) of humanity.