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Jamaican Culture and Boarding School Fond Memories!

Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill: Memories of Boarding School; Seven years ... seven damn good years - Garfield "Garry" Whyte

Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill: A Memoir is centered around one of the oldest all-boys boarding schools in Jamaica, established in 1856 and the author's high school for seven years. But this boarding school story transcends autobiography and even school memoir to offer a nostalgia piece especially inviting to anyone who knows Jamaica or boarding schools well, and is filled with accounts of what it meant to spend seven years in the Munro College high school environment.


Color photos of the school grounds accompany the author's memories of the school's appearance, teachers, its place in the city, and its inviting environment.


From how the school's relative isolation fostered a community spirit that led to unique educational opportunities and interactions to how boys from many different backgrounds came to engage one another and learn, descriptions are especially powerful when they reveal the roots of this process.


One might not expected footnoted references from a memoir, but Garfield Whyte's choice of this scholarly approach adds information to the discussion without interrupting its progression. The footnotes explain terminology, slang, and cultural references at the end of the book while readers are able to enjoy a dialogue that flows smoothly.


From the lifelong friendships that evolved from the school's special environment to field trips, pranks, hierarchies of culture and boarding school teachers and life, this light read comes steeped in the flavor and culture of a childhood in Jamaica and will attract a wide audience, from those interested in the island's life to readers who enjoy school days stories, this is a lively and personal examination of a special school and a special era which comes alive with Whyte's observations.