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A Fun Baseball Picture Book Story!

TGIT, Thank Goodness It's T-ball Day - Kevin Christofora

TGIT - Thank Goodness It’s T-Ball Day adds to a blossoming and appealing picture book series for kids ages 4-6, and provides a blend of baseball insights and fun, first-person experiences through the eyes of a young player and his friends.


Bright color illustrations throughout capture the excitement of T-Ball Day, with guys, gals, and coaches interacting as the team conducts warm-up exercises, absorb some basic lessons of baseball conduct ("You should always stand sideways, so that you aim better."), and learn simple concepts intrinsic to the game's success.


The delight about this style and presentation is that neither parents nor readers need have any prior knowledge of baseball. Educational activities and discussions are geared to bare-bones beginners and present tips in a lively series of vignettes that blend real coaching techniques with a fun, interactive format inviting kids to participate.


The result is a cheerful, lively story that mixes the drama of fiction with the practical side of baseball experience. It's perfect for newcomers to the sport and for adults looking to get their child involved in a team effort.