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A Novel of Awakening and Enlightenment!

Unification - Bridges McCall

Unification: Love, Adventure & Awakening Found in the Mystical Expansion is a new age story of mind expansion and awakening and explores the concept of The Unification: the process of this enlightenment.


Set in changing timelines from ancient eras to 2035, the novel provides an adventure story that selects individuals who are products of rich cultural backgrounds who are on the path of solving greater mysteries than those of their worlds, and provides thought-provoking accounts of spiritual and psychic change.


Crisp, clear, and precise are the journeys of protagonists and connections between past, present, and future. The sense of self represented in conversations, explorations, and interpersonal reflections, along with a metaphysical and spiritual focus, binds the changing events and characters using powerful connections.


From scientific research to why humans always wind up in trouble when they try to pair spiritual objectives with fast or profitable outcomes, these protagonists investigate self-healing research, unrealized potential, and the nature of truth, reality, and innocence in present and past worlds.


Of necessity there's a lot of dialogue, philosophy, and spiritual reflection along the way; so readers anticipating a light new age read should likely look elsewhere. Though the story line is alluring and engrossing, Unification is anything but (and is not intended as) a light read, offering the rare opportunity to absorb spiritual concepts in a pairing of fictional mystical and physical journeys.


Unification is a recommendation for new age readers who would receive a novel that holds not just entertainment value, but virtually commands a self-inspection and reflection process through a slow read of eye-opening concepts and wisdom.