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Routes That Arrive At Different Life Choices!

Angel Rock Leap - Ellen Weisberg

Nineteen-year-old Sarah has just crashed and burned, flunking out of college, and returns to her home town in quest of answers that are not quickly forthcoming in this story of the lasting effects of being a victim. Her first impulse is to blame somebody else for her failure, but it seems there's nobody who can be blamed but herself - or, is there?


Angel Rock Leap is about how life passions become lost in a sea of 'practical' decisions, of how trauma holds lasting ramifications as victims repeat self-defeating patterns and attitudes, and of how recovery is gained.


Readers follow Sarah's return home and learn what it takes to make new memories out of bad experiences and how to juggle the survival instinct and an impulse to run away with the purpose of confronting one's past in order to change the present and future.


Readers follow the evolution of Sarah's growth, absorbing passages that deftly display logic and emotional processes: "Too many people are making me feel like not a day has gone by since I last saw them,” I said. “And that would be OK if things didn’t completely suck... the last time I saw them.”


Sarah has let men and women hurt her throughout her life. It's time for a different way of communicating, confronting, and (ultimately) healing from her wounds. But how?


Angel Rock Leap becomes not just a scene from the past, but a place where old acquaintances come together to examine connections that were dangerous, destructive, or divisive. As Sarah uncovers the routes to different choices in her life, readers will find themselves immersed in her emotional roller coaster ride which ultimately lends perspective and insight into the process of forming better interpersonal connections.


Angel Rock Leap wraps a diverse selection of themes (alienation, bullying, and how victims turn tables to become something greater than their pain) into its story, and is a strong recommendation for fiction readers seeking emotional stories of protagonists who hover at the intersections of life-changing events and decisions.