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A Powerful Timeslip Ghost Story!

What the Clocks Know - Rumer Haven

Margot is changing her life: she's dumped her boyfriend, quit her job, and has moved to London in search of herself, unsure of what her next move should be.


This question is answered for her as the old house settles in around her (or, does she settle into it?) and brings with it strange dreams, other lives, and a ghostly possibility.


It's not unusual to find a ghost story couched in the broader tale of a lifestyle change; but what brings What the Clocks Know to real spooky life is its ability to timeslip the protagonist between Victorian and modern London to enter different worlds that each serve as a microcosm of love, hate, and everything in between.


The scene opens with a poignant depiction of this state of mind. The protagonist is in mourning for a lover; a solitary affair in which she wishes herself dead, as well. There is a price to be paid for having been 'born old', and that price is death. How Margot comes to be in this state and where she stands in the worlds she traverses is the subject of a haunting saga that immediately opens with the timeslip potentials in life provided in the enchanting young adult novel Charlotte Sometimes.


From these clues one quickly determines that Margot is not uninformed on these matters, and that her life is actually a set up for the final act in which a journey out of her world will become longer and go farther than she could have imagined.


Diary entries and death sentences, crazy dreams and unreal entities, wicked arguments, parallel lives, and friendships holding promises of renewal, and spirited women tamed and lost … all these elements combine in a powerful novel packed with eye-opening imagery and tales of spirits dead, alive, and evolving.


What does it take to find a soul mate in another world, or to live a full life in two dimensions? What happens when two bodies sharing one soul unite? Margot may be running away from something, but she finds she's actually running into another conundrum as well: one from which she may never escape.


The entire production is a gripping read, highly recommended for ghost story enthusiasts, timeslip novel readers, and anyone who likes romance and powerful protagonists facing unexpected circumstances.