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Of Artificial Beings, God, and Love

The Living Miracle: A Love Story - Donna D. Vaal

The protagonist in The Living Miracle: A Love Story was born in 3044 at The Center of Life in an age that has outgrown the need for a god and which births synthetically created babies. All babies are now born at a creation complex overseen by Master Izanagi, who has further plans for using the non-human humanoids which are often created along with their DNA counterparts as twins.


This is where the story begins - but it doesn't progress in a linear fashion and it doesn't go where readers may anticipate. There's nothing predictable about this world, where life and love are uncertain and strangely defined and where a loving boy gives new life to his numbered humanoid twin, acknowledging her as a piece of humanity rather than a toy or a casual creation.


Herein lies the problem, for an artificial being rescues her twin and thus is truly born into something completely different: an individual with a soul from God, charged with hiding her reborn consciousness until the time is right. The 'doll', 'computer', and 'thing' has come truly alive as a reward for her selfless act. What's next? Plenty, as The Living Miracle shows.


The two remarkable children must remain unremarkable in the eyes of their elders if they are to survive.  And so begins a game that weaves recovery, love, transformation, and belief into a compelling story that's hard to put down.


Is this a possible future? In a world bereft of God, focused on DNA structures and genetic manipulation, what place or purpose does a living miracle have? While twins and their connections are the central theme of this story, moral and ethical issues abound in a tale saturated with thought-provoking moments analyzing family connections, plots for control and dominance of life, death, and spirituality itself.


In a world where God is questioned and man has taken it upon himself to dictate reproduction and define humanity itself, is there a place for any reminders of miracles and a higher truth?


The Living Miracle is like no other. Compelling, filled with rich insights, and hard to put down, it creates a long and winding road documenting humanity's purposes, illusions, and its journey back to the certainty of a higher power in an age overtaken by godlessness. Both religious readers and secular followers will find The Living Miracle an intriguing and gripping story of an all-too-possible future altered by one miracle that stands alone as the flame to a bigger fire of hope.