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A Construction Company's Murderous Environment

The Bricklayer - Rene Natan

A construction company would seem an unlikely setting for murder, but the success of The Werkstein doesn't make it immune to fraud and its deadly consequences, as readers quickly realize as dangerous events unfold in The Bricklayer.


It all begins when a female engineer is hired to join the company's all-male crew, and though owner Fred expects problems, murder is not on the list of his worries.


As deaths begin to accumulate, identifying Fred as a likely suspect, a suspicious police detective views Fred's friendships, his behaviors, and his attempts to woo an officer in his own unit as mounting proofs of Fred's deadly intentions, and sets his radar on stopping the next murder.


The Bricklayer builds a story line that is anything but predictable. A construction worker's attention to precision bricklaying and working with stone would not seem to indicate a dual talent for successful murders, much less his choices in making decisions that barely hide his intentions. A police investigator's ability to connect the dots leads him in unexpected directions, and a series of murders might ultimately have their roots in something entirely different than logic would dictate.


It's not just up to the police to solve the crimes: readers are drawn in by Fred's actions and the motivations of those around him, and murder is only one of the many issues that permeate a story about a woman working in a man's world, company liabilities and assets, collateral damage, and murky inquiries.


The Bricklayer swings between Fred's world, the police department, those who work in the construction company, and evolving relationships with a deft attention to building drama and connections. It should be mentioned that there are numerous subplots and characters throughout, so this is no quick and easy read.


Readers receive a slow build-up that takes its time in forging these connections, and will appreciate the attention The Bricklayer brings to moving its protagonists into position for some fine revelations. It is a fine pick for readers seeking a story that pairs intrigue and romance with an engrossing series of escalating events that lead to a satisfyingly unexpected conclusion.