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Emergency Room Survival for the Elderly

BoomER Emergency Room Survival Guide for Baby Boomers and Older Folks - Robert W Derlet MD, Joel Cohen MD

BoomER Emergency Room Survival Guide for Baby Boomers and Older Folks is a primer that should be on the bookshelves of not just baby boomers or older adults, but any family member or caregiver. It provides essential, specific information from physicians who document common emergency room issues and how patients can be proactive in handling sudden emergencies and critical care treatment.


Part of this process lies in some basic medical savvy about how to prevent or identify strokes and heart attacks, what to do before help arrives, and how to understand emergency room processes and common problems that can occur in an ER during a health crisis. Patient case histories of both lucky and unfortunate patient experiences illustrate these events and decisions that translate to either success or failure in ER procedures and patient choices.


From abdominal pain and triage methods and cautions to ambulance trauma, hospitalization pros and risks, alternatives to emergency room care, and red flags for frail elders, BoomER methodically covers all the too-common consequences of emergency treatments for elders, providing many tips for surviving the current health care system. The inclusion of when to know if a test is a good idea, when to refuse testing, the impact of accumulated radiation exposure, and more make for cautions that are clearly defined in relation to emergency room care and hospitalization procedures.


Surprising facts - such how patients can minimize treatment risks merely by being more informed - are included among discussions of emergency room care around the world, management procedures such as how patients are triaged, how to say 'no' to proposed treatments (and when to say 'yes'), and even how to plan ahead for emergency care.


No other patient book provides a specific focus on handling emergency treatment, making BoomER Emergency Room Survival Guide a powerful set of insights not just into the medical system as a whole, but for the one place many an older adult winds up in a powerless condition - unless this book has been consulted already.


BoomER is very highly recommended as an essential consumer guide that nobody should be without.