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A "Must Read" For Any American Voter

Donald Trump: The Man Who Would Be King (Blood Moon's Babylon Series) - Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince

Donald Trump: The Man Who Would Be King is best read before the November 2016 elections, while his bid for the presidency is still active and immediate, and is recommended reading for all sides, no matter what political stance is being adopted: Republication, Democrat, or other.


Unlike most Trump coverages on the market, Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince employ a tabloid-style approach to create an especially lively tone, compiling newsworthy ironies, inconsistencies, and outrageous events just as they did in their prior books; but they also add a deeper level that belays any perception of Donald Trump: The Man Who Would Be King as being just a Hollywood-style gossip piece.


They take the time to examine not just Donald, but the Trump family's history and its evolutionary process, then delve deeply into how "The King of Debt" rose to arrive where he is today.


Ordinarily over 700 pages of close inspection would prove too daunting for readers seeking quick, succinct coverages; but one of the driving forces behind Donald Trump: The Man Who Would Be King lies in its ability to synthesize an unbelievable amount of information into a format and presentation which blends lively irony with outrageous observations, entertaining even as it presents eye-opening information in a format accessible to all.


Politics dovetail with American obsessions and fascinations with trends, figureheads, drama, and sizzling news stories, but blend well with the observations of sociologists, psychologists, politicians, and others in a wide range of fields who lend their expertise and insights to create a much broader review of the Trump phenomena than a more casual book could provide.


The result is a 'must read' for any American interested in issues of race, freedom, equality, and justice - and for any non-American who wonders just what is going on behind the scenes in this country's latest election debacle.