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A Spellbinding Gay Fiction Read

Under the Maginot - Nicholas J Knowlton

Frankie plans on a special summer after he graduates high school, and is on track to enter college in the fall of 1939, but though he dreamed of adventure, he didn't anticipate adversity.


When his family falls apart, he finds himself on an ocean liner bound for Europe, involved in with man who may hold the key to a war looming on the horizon which will change not only Frankie's world, but everything.


Under the Maginot is a powerful saga that's hard to put down - and is just as hard to easily categorize. It could be called a 'gay novel' because the main characters develop a relationship that both changes and defines their lives, but it doesn't follow the usual sexually-charged descriptions of so many stories of gay relationships.


It opens with a torture scene made especially vivid through a first-person narration that pinpoints exactly how the protagonist came to be in this situation.


As Frankie's world changes, readers follow him through the madness that follows, from a life that begins innocuously to one involving an identity revelation, romance, a powerful landing in Europe at exactly the wrong moment in its pivotal history, and a German motorcycle odyssey through Maginot lines, war, a new boyfriend's secret political and military involvements, and ultimately, a test of faith, love, and self.


As he comes to understand Ray's real goal and efforts, Frankie faces moments that promise to change his world as his journey provides readers with a gripping saga of horrible suffering, life's promises and potentials, and the realities of gay relationships in the 1940s.


The result probes relationships, gay survival practices, and war's effects on everything as it overlays Frankie's life and ultimately determines his future.


Under the Maginot is a spellbinding read, highly recommended for followers of gay fiction who want more depth and detail than the sexual encounters and ribald, racy descriptions offered in typical genre reads.