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A Riveting Expose for Hudson Fans

Rock Hudson Erotic Fire (Blood Moon's Babylon Series) - Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince

Rock Hudson Erotic Fire is based on some fifty years of information from Rock Hudson's friends, many lovers, and associates, proffering an in-depth biography which includes much information not contained in prior books about Hudson's life. This fact is especially surprising since over thirty years has passed since his death, and because so much has already been written about him that one might wonder at the need for yet another survey of his life. 


Rock Hudson fans will find much to enjoy in this exposé about the iconic actor which gives information about his bisexuality and many lovers along with reconsiderations of his acting career, vivid life, and death. 


The part that really stands out is the in-depth surveys of his relationships with men and women alike, revealing many aspects of a part of Hudson's world that other books have either glossed over or only lightly touched upon. 


The result is an exposé that offers the depth and detail any avid Hudson fan should receive. It's especially recommended for prior enthusiasts and collections strong in Hollywood biographies.