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A Suspense Story That Crackles with Intrigue

Sizzler - Wolf Schimanski , B. J. Tiernan

A freelancer writer and a computer technician would hardly seem the sort of folk to become involved in the takeover of an American city, but Lexi-Jo and Herbert's investigation into the changing face of the small Florida city of Margate leads to uncovering a phenomenon that holds its roots in an amulet lost in the Everglades.


The race is on to find a small talisman in a vast swamp that holds the key to Margate's fate and future, but again—these two are hardly equipped to undertake this kind of search based on their skill sets.


It will take the involvement of an unusually savvy detective and the risk of both their lives in encounters with gators, snakes, and deadly forces to confront a psychic phenomenon and violence which leads them to move well outside their comfort zones and personalities.


Captivity and torture changes people, as Lexi-Jo discovers. It can also lead the victim to become as aggressive and violent as the aggressor, when positions change.


But, somehow, more than people are involved in this struggle. As a father discovers his daughter is dangerous, women uncover forbidden passions, and Lexi-Jo struggles to trust strangers in her life, the plot lives up to its name and, indeed, sizzles with unexpected nuances, twists, and turns.


Sizzler combines the atmosphere of an Indiana Jones-type adventure expedition with the cat-and-mouse intrigue of a thriller. It moves back and forth between the two and adds elements of tension and revelation that keep readers on their toes, but doesn't neatly fit into any predictable formula genre story.


Wolf Schimanski and B. J. Tiernan's approach keeps the writing fresh, the characters vivid and unique, and their relationships centered on growth-inducing discoveries and confrontations as they navigate an unfamiliar world embedded within their own.


Will the ordeal bring two disparate souls together, or ultimately drive them apart? This and many other questions give this thriller a multifaceted blanket of intrigue and depth designed to keep readers engaged and wondering right up to the surprise conclusion.


Fans of suspense stories and relationship explorations on many levels will find Sizzler crackles with nonstop action and intrigue.